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When something becomes nothing

Something which makes you reckless
something that makes you feel helpless
something that makes a petty feeling magnified
something that doesn’t make your problems simplified
something that makes you crawl to someone and pour out your heaviness
something that makes you brawl because of emptiness
something that curbs your inner peace
something that makes your happiness cease
The name is loneliness
but I tell you
when that something becomes nothing, you’ll master the art of independence
when that something becomes nothing, you’ll master the art of patience
when that something becomes nothing, you’ll know life is not too hard to harness
but be assured
that something is always nothing.

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Shades of the salty drops

Such a funny little things are these
The traitorous drops of plight.
Trapping me Just like a mouse’ cheese.
Placing me right on the damned spotlight.
The murderous drops that falls out of anger,
Giving the opposite the satisfaction of my vulnerability.
The pitiful drops that escapes due to hunger,
Making me dream of the other possibility.
The thunderous drops of heart ache
Or the joyful drops that falls when I finally wear my shoes of glass
Making me wish for a power to deal it like a piece of cake
Or reminding me that ‘this too shall pass’
Oh you tiny little salty drops, when will you learn to stop escaping my eyes without my permission??